Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colorado Home Pictures with an Industrial Construction Theme

These Colorado home pictures show the Crowder House designed by Faleide Architects of Denver. What's interesting about this home is its strong industrial theme. Where many of us might be thinking mountain cabins or lodges, the Crowder House draws its inspiration from concrete panel construction combined with metal. Often the ceilings reveal trusses and general steel work where its structural strength becomes a design statement. I also find the stairs and hand rails to be very interesting. The stairs feature metal steps with holes for traction. The hand rails compliment the steps offering its own metal work in a nice designer's flair. There is one room where the floors and ceilings blend in an interesting concept. The fixtures in the ceiling are matched by round accents in the floor to create a unique feel in the room. Though the overall feel of these Colorado home pictures may not be as warm as the mountain lodge, if you appreciate industrial construction there are some clever takeaways here. Source: Faleide Architects.

Colorado House

Colorado homes

homes in Colorado

Industrial Homes

Basement Stairs

Basement Wall


Colorado living room

concrete construction

construction pictures

exterior with bbq pit

guard rail


home bridge area

kitchen and living room

metal stair steps

outside home view

stair made of metal

stairs from living room


Structural Interiors

windows with mountain view

first floor

second floor

drawing 2 of house

drawing 3 of house

drawing of house

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