Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've been learning alot about being GREEN and I it's pretty cool I learned
how to save a but load of money by doing simple stuff. I discovered a new
cable channel called Planet Green

I love this channel is your a cheap person this is the channel for you.

I learned what you can do with your old cd cases. Be honest as soon as you
put them in your cd holder you just toss is right? Here's a cute one.....
Oh just in case here's the address

cd case lamp, landscape style by MayaEvening.
cd case lamp by MayaEvening.
It's frickin lamp. Cute Right

Here's another @

and another cd_lamp.jpgChandelier


mad by a fellow blogger found @

Cotton Commericals

Zooey Deschanel Cotton Ad Commercial Jazmine Sullivan Cotton Commercial